My Mission:


If I was to boil my life down to one single mission statement, it would be this: “I desire to show the world who it is and, through creativity and collaboration, who it can be.”  I truly believe people seek out creativity in all parts of their lives, including work, friendships, family, and hobbies, and that how someone finds entertainment, interest, or purpose is what drives people to do the things they do. I want give people the inspiration they need to take a look at who they are on track to be, and steer their life in a direction that is meaningful to them. 

I’m much more inclined to the tech side of things, so I’ve got some resources listed for people wanting to dig into that world. However, I also believe that almost all jobs can benefit from all different types of brains working together. So, I also have some general productivity resources listed for people wanting to change who you are for the better.

Cortex – Podcast
This Podcast by CGP Grey and Myke Hurley focuses on productivity in all parts of life. They talk tips and try out new styles of working with your brain to change how you think about work. If you want an easy and interesting way to get into thinking about the systems that govern your life, start here.

CGP Grey – Youtube Channel
CGP Grey creates fun and educational youtube videos on all different kinds of subjects. His videos are typically around 5 minutes long and are a great way to introduce someone to being entertained by leaning.

T.E.D. – Organization
T.E.D. stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design. This organization runs events around the world trying to bring people towards a greater understanding of the world. They host speakers, presenters, and all different kinds of people at these events to give presentations about an interesting or challenging subject that gets you thinking. All of their official speakers are listed on their website for you to watch, free of charge.

Smarter Every Day – Youtube Channel
Destin Sandlin is the brains behind Smarter Every Day. On this youtube channel, you will find slow motion videos of just about anything. Guns, cats, explosions, Destin has it all. These videos dive into the way the world works, and you can tell Destin loves every moment of it.

Code Cademy – Website
Code Cademy is a site where any aspiring self-taught coder should start out. They have all kinds of introductory courses in all manner of different languages. Most of the courses can be done in a web browser as well and don’t require you to download anything.

GitHub – Website
GitHub is the core of coding collaboration online. It’s a place where you can upload projects and open source code for others to use and improve on. If you want to store your code in a public place where people can comment and test it out, GitHub is for you.

If you want to check mine out, click here.

Instructables – Website
Instrucables is a fantastic place for someone who wants to get into the making community, but is stuck on the creative side of things. Instrucables lets creators upload step-by-step instructions on how to make something really cool. They have everything from robot hands to woodworking projects.

Thingiverse – Website
Thingiverse is a place for the 3D printer in you. People can create and design 3D printable projects and upload them to Thingiverse for the world to see and for you to print.