Who AM I?

Hello World! My name is Tyler Gragg and I am a Mechatronics Engineer and all around Maker. Currently I am attending Kennesaw State University and I am constantly making and building things. I am a part of my school’s Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Team, and I love to help people find their way through technology. One of my passions is learning about new and innovative solutions to challenging problems, and I find building robots and devices is how I learn best. So, as I like to say, “Let’s Make Robots!”

Recent Projects

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Audio Gun Breaking Wine Glasses

For Instructable’s audio contest, I decided to see if I could make a compact device that shattered wine glasses with sound. I make it in less than a month and was really happy when I started breaking some glass!

Robot Hand

This project involved all sorts of things: 3D Printing, Circuit design, arduino coding, etc. Basically, I 3D printed a hand that, when wearing the glove, would mimic a human hand. I also created a library for the sensors I used so that way any future projects I used them for would be easier to implement.


This project was my first solo dive into the wonderful world of virtual reality. I was trying to create a VR-remote-controlled robot that worked in real time. I wanted to be able to strap on the headset, and have live video be displayed in front of me with a control panel that physically controlled a robot in the real world.


My mission is to inspire people to build and create. I hope to show people that being creative is something everyone can do, always.