Who AM I?

Hello World! My name is Tyler Gragg and I am a Mechatronics Engineer and all around Maker. I just graduated from Kennesaw State University, and now I’m attending grad school at Georgia Tech. I am constantly making and building things. I was a part of my school’s Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Team, and I love to help people find their way through technology. One of my passions is learning about new and innovative solutions to challenging problems, and I find building robots and devices is how I learn best. So, as I like to say, “Let’s Make Robots!”

Recent Projects

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Audio Gun Breaking Wine Glasses

For Instructable’s audio contest, I decided to see if I could make a compact device that shattered wine glasses with sound. I make it in less than a month and was really happy when I started breaking some glass!

Pinball Machine that Plays Itself

A pinball machine that is able to play itself, it’s as simple as that. Well, I say it’s simple, it’s actually extremely complicated. This was a four-person team project with some of my fellow graduating friends at KSU, and all of it was finished in one semester as our senior design project.


This project was my first solo dive into the wonderful world of virtual reality. I was trying to create a VR-remote-controlled robot that worked in real time. I wanted to be able to strap on the headset, and have live video be displayed in front of me with a control panel that physically controlled a robot in the real world.


My mission is to inspire people to build and create. I hope to show people that being creative is something everyone can do, always.