Bone-Conduction Sunglasses

This project sets out to tow the line between Function and Style. If you’re familiar with Bone Conduction headphones, I basically took some of those and slapped them on a pair of sunglasses. Bone Conduction headphones work by placing small surface transducers on your skull and vibrating your bones to transmit sound into your eardrums instead of by air. Because sunglasses are already up in your face area, it was pretty simple to place the transducers in a place that would be effective.

AutoPinball – Spring 2020

A pinball machine that is able to play itself, it’s as simple as that. Well, I say it’s simple, it’s actually extremely complicated. This was a four-person team project with some of my fellow graduating friends at KSU, and all of it was finished in one semester as our senior design project.

VRBot – Fall 2019

This semester, I had three main objectives for updating the VRBot. First, add some hardware to the physical robot that could be operated in VR. Second, add PID control to the speed of the car. Lastly, provide some sort of general AR component to the video stream coming from the robot.

VRBot – Intro

This project was my first solo dive into the wonderful world of virtual reality. I was trying to create a VR-remote-controlled robot that worked in real time. I wanted to be able to strap on the headset, and have live video be displayed in front of me with a control panel that physically controlled a robot in the real world.

AuburnHacks 2019

I participated in AuburnHacks 2019 in Auburn, Alabama. I had the pleasure of meeting new friends in Auburn and making a hack in 24 hours. My team made an app that alerts doctors to your medical conditions when you are incapacitated or can’t talk. We won first place in one of the major categories!

Glass Gun

For Instructable’s audio contest, I decided to see if I could make a compact device that shattered wine glasses with sound. I make it in less than a month and was really happy when I started breaking some glass!

Dubhacks 2018

I participated in Dubhacks 2018 in Seattle, Washington. We all got together at the University of Washington for a 24-hour Hackathon. My team made a VR “Mind Palace“ simulation that dynamically updates based on input text you feed it. We won three challenges, including the overall data track challenge!

HackGSU Fall 2018

At GSU’s fall hackathon I teamed up with some web developers to create “Crashed and Incapacitated“ or CANDI for short. A real-time autonomous automobile crash logging and emergency response notification system.


I attended the XBuild 2018 Hackathon in Boulder, Colorado. My team worked on a specially controlled drone that was integrated with IBM’s watson and other dev tools.

Robot Hand

This project involved all sorts of things: 3D Printing, Circuit design, arduino coding, etc. Basically, I 3D printed a hand that, when wearing the glove, would mimic a human hand. I also created a library for the sensors I used so that way any future projects I used them for would be easier to implement.